Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby on the way!


As most of you probably already know my wife and I are expecting a baby this Sept 23rd 2015. We did our announcement to our family first then with a post on social media with the above photo stating "Mom and Dad are getting us a Human".

Monday, April 20, 2015

My experience at Charlie Hill's colt starter clinic

Charlie working with Smoke in the round corral

The very first time I met Charlie I saw his patience and understanding with a client that made a few ignorant statements regarding his mare and breeding operation. Charlie was able to guide the client away from the negative mindset, direct him on a much better understanding of the horses and support a much more positive future for them all. Most people would have just said no that's not right and tried to push their ideas on that person or just let that person be. To watch Charlie calmly turn that negative into a positive without letting his emotions take over was a trait I highly respected. From that day on I told myself I would like to learn more about life from Charlie and this weekend I believe that the Colt starter program was a good start.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


                                The start of a new chapter

Our wedding day. Photo by Amber Michalik

With the constant attachment to social media most people, including myself have in 2015 we can pretty much know what someone does from day to day. As I met new people who follow me on social media or just ran into old friends they began to talk about places and things I had done that I have never talked to them about. People would compliment my wife on her dancing or cooking and she had never seen or heard a word about them. My wife and I began to notice that we have a pretty strong following on social media with people who are interested or at least entertained with our random life style. One day we might be at one of my the ballet productions my wife performs in, the next we could be branding cattle and the day after that we could be finding a waffle iron for eight dollars at a thrift store that is worth eight hundred dollars. I'm not sure if we are just easily bored and constantly looking for something new to experience or if it's our drive to always learn something new everyday. Either way we get ourselves into all kinds of adventures that people seem to enjoy seeing photos from. This blog is a little more organized of a way for me to share our journey.