Baby on the way!


As most of you probably already know my wife and I are expecting a baby this Sept 23rd 2015. We did our announcement to our family first then with a post on social media with the above photo stating "Mom and Dad are getting us a Human".

We then decided to surprise my daughter Devyn with a large present to open. When the lid was lifted some balloons floated out and attached was a sign saying "Guess who is going to be a big sister?". Devyn was very excited and has always talked about how she wished she had a little sibling around to play with. 

April 24th we got our first peek at our little one. My wife and I couldn't be more excited to hear that we have a healthy baby and to see these images. Hearing the little heart beat and seeing the ultra sound just make us even more excited for September to come. Here are a few of the photos from the ultrasounds and the big news at the bottom. 

Some big feet kicking around in Anastasia's belly. 


Ok, Ok I was hoping for a boy so you guys know I am stoked! But we do want a little girl and Devyn is begging for a sister as well so maybe the next one. We decided to name him Sebastian Matthew Coleman.  Sebastian is a name both of us have liked for many years and I always hoped to have a boy to name him that. Matthew comes from  my wife's Grandfather Matthew "Gramps" Berman who is a man we both respect greatly. I knew Gramps had a big hand in raising my wife and helping her to grow to be the strong, smart, independent woman I love so much and that meant I would have some big boots to fill. Luckily he and I get a long really well and some day I hope to be half as good of a guy as he is. I already know that the men in my family are excited to get our son his first BMX bike, motorcycle and teach him all kinds of crazy stuff. I'm lucky to have my father Tom here to help me teach him to understand hard work, values and respect which may not sink in right away but it eventually did with me so I think we will be in good shape.  Anastasia, Devyn and I couldn't be more excited for the journey ahead of us with the new addition and we are excited to finally hold him in our arms this September. Thank you all for your love and support.

-Tyler Coleman