The start of a new chapter

Our wedding day. Photo by Amber Michalik

With the constant attachment to social media most people, including myself have in 2015 we can pretty much know what someone does from day to day. As I met new people who follow me on social media or just ran into old friends they began to talk about places and things I had done that I have never talked to them about. People would compliment my wife on her dancing or cooking and she had never seen or heard a word about them. My wife and I began to notice that we have a pretty strong following on social media with people who are interested or at least entertained with our random life style. One day we might be at one of my the ballet productions my wife performs in, the next we could be branding cattle and the day after that we could be finding a waffle iron for eight dollars at a thrift store that is worth eight hundred dollars. I'm not sure if we are just easily bored and constantly looking for something new to experience or if it's our drive to always learn something new everyday. Either way we get ourselves into all kinds of adventures that people seem to enjoy seeing photos from. This blog is a little more organized of a way for me to share our journey.

Wandering through the open fields.

A little about us.
I met my wife May first 2012 at a local skatepark. I already was friends with her brother and sister who rode BMX so I went up to her, gave her a hug and said "Hi, I'm Tyler". That night I told her that we would be best friends and little did I know it was the start to the best friendship I have ever had.

          My wife Anastasia was one of the youngest certified Cecchetti Ballet instructors in America and continues to teach ballet out here in Arizona. She danced with the Macomb Ballet Company for six years before she moved here and she is currently a principal dancer with the Youth American Ballet Company and performs in multiple productions each year. I have never met a women that can move so graceful and beautifully on her toes then stack one hundred and twenty pound bales of hay with the boys in the same day. 

A photo of my wife from my Iphone photo shoot after a professional shoot in Phx.

 Myself I was a BMX rider as far back as I can remember. Riding was my escape from the crazy world I was living in before moving to Chandler with the Maidens. Around the age of 13 I got a new BMX bike and started racing in Chandler. My step brother Scott and I loved dirt but mostly loved jumping so the track only kept our attention for so long. Years later I was making a living riding BMX, working at a bike shop and as the Athlete manager for an energy drink. My goal was always to open my own BMX shop to offer only quality products and to help the Arizona BMX scene. I opened Serenity Ride Shop and did just that but for now I am focusing on an online store to restructure before moving into a new physical location. Here is a link from our shop knowledge by Veesh for Cult Crew.
Serenity Shop Knowledge

A photo taken by my wife of me doing a table while Devyn sits on the back of the quarter pipe at Chandler Bike Park.

Together my wife and I started discussing life, health and what we want for our future before ever getting married. Concerned with the foods we put into our body and my daughter Devyn we began to do lots of research. Later it was decided to do what we can to focus on real food, avoiding anything containing GMO's and food sprayed with chemicals. We buy almost all organic foods and have multiple gardens where we are growing our own produce from organic seeds, soil and fertilizers. Our plan would be to get a small ranch in the future where we can have a dairy cow, enough gardens to harvest all our own produce for our family and some beef cattle. We currently have one horse, a GAP5 (F5) Appaloosa stud colt named Gunsmoke that is 3 years old and plan to have more Appaloosas in the future. 
Anastasia relaxing at Sighn Farms with her sister Clare and step-daughter Devyn.

June 13th 2014, yes it was Friday the 13th, Anastasia and I got married in Mount Clemens, Mi. in the same Catholic church as her grandparents and where a few other family members exchanged their vows. We committed to spending the rest of our lives together as one and the journey has only begun. I will post some of the random times from our past mixed in with the new explorations. 

The ride home from St. Peters in her Uncle Danny's restored Oldsmobile hotrod was perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my photos and stories, if you enjoy feel free to share.

-Tyler Coleman

Random treasures lost on a farm. Photo by Tyler Coleman