Such a grand view

Standing at the edge of amazingnes 

 I have spent most of my life in Arizona and had never made it to the Grand Canyon. In the past 30 days or so I was lucky enough to have gone there twice and I plan to make more trips in the future. My family lives up in Flagstaff now so we have been making the trip up when we can to visit and escape the heat. One of the trips was in my fishing post with a couple photos but I saved the Grand Canyon photos from that trip to write this entry. 

  Im going to keep this post short of writing but full of photos from the incredible view.  My first trip to the Grand Canyon was with my family to the look out points just to walk around. It was incredible and on top of the amazing view, the squirrels would dang near jump in your hand and the elk just walk past you like they are one of the many people crowding the different view points. 

 Fathers day I was lucky enough to get on a flight with my brother who is a helicopter pilot for Papillon. My wife Anastasia, daughter Devyn and myself all got on board to prepare for one of the most incredible views we will probably ever see. If you are ever considering taking one of Papillon's Grand Canyon tours I would have to say its worth every penny. Here are some pictures I took on my trips. I hope you enjoy!

Some Elk snacking in the middle of the Grand Canyon view points with tons of people walking around. 
Clare, Devyn, Raphael, Tyler, Anastasia and Sebastian
Had to get a photo with my big brother Chris

This little guy wanted to come home with us.

Our ride through the canyon

Devyn a little nervous but excited to see just how big this place is.

The Little Colorado River

The confluence of the two rivers.

Captain Scott and his Sister In Law mid-flight selfie haha


Wild times, wild hair.

Family photo after the ride. Thank you again so much Scott!