Welcome Sebastian Matthew Coleman

There is no caption that can fully describe our joy in this photo.
 After traveling this summer out to Michigan, my lap top breaking down for a bit and then everything we did to prepare for our son to come into this world I have slacked a little on our blog. Well, we are back into the swing of things and couldn't be more excited to have our son here. Sebastian or Bas (pronounced Baz) as we call him was born September 20th at 10:23am weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and 20' long.

  My wife decided from the start that this would be an all natural birth, no medication, nothing for pain and no needles. I think most people had their doubts but they don't know how strong and stubborn my wife can be so I had complete faith in her from the start. Thursday Sept 17th I believe was the first signs of contractions that seemed a little different than the braxton hicks she had experienced. By Friday while we were working on a house doing paint touch up she was having pretty regular contractions throughout the day. After work we decided to clean up, get some food and go to the hospital to see her if she could be admitted. After a few hours hanging out they decided she was not quite far enough along even though her contractions were in the right time frame. Our doctor told us to return tomorrow and she could be admitted when she feels ready. After about an hour or so of sleep we were up with the sun and off to the hospital as her contractions continued to become more intense. With the fear of not being dilated enough we decided to walk for about a mile and a half around the hospital and down the street. The Bosa donuts on the corner was her motivation for the walk in the first place haha. After our walk we checked in and went through the process of triage again only to be told it was up to her if she wanted to stay or go home to labor further along. Since my wife decided on a natural birth there was nothing that would be different if she checked in or went home except in the hospital they will not let you eat and you can only drink water. We decided home would be the best and proceeded to try to seek comfort for her in some way. Birthing balls, different labor positions and walking seemed to help but contractions are pretty intense from what I witnessed. We made numerous trips to Whole Foods for meals, coffee for myself (the customer appreciation month 25 cent cup of coffee saved my life) and to walk the labor along. After dinner we decided it was time to check in to get the process started. The hospital was still a little reluctant to admit her but with the doctors approval we got in. More walking, labor positions, birthing balls, massages and lots of water we were finally on our way to new parenthood. My wife with the petite ballerina figure and being a first time mom the nurses didn't seem very confident in the fact that she would be doing a natural birth and even went as far as to bring the epidural tools into the room "just in case" but we did get a great nurse for the actual birth who was very supportive.  Of course this is our life we are talking about so there had to be some excitement to the experience and this came while she was laboring in the shower using the warm water to relax but the shower head was leaking everywhere causing a huge mess. I got the leak to stop after a few attempts and shortly after we were showered in sparks from the light fixture above. The air began to fill with smoke and smell of fluorescent bulbs so the nurse evacuated us to another room. Fast forward a few labor intensive hours and our boy was born into the world without any difficulties or worries. I am so proud of my wife for sticking to her guns and being tough as nails! So without any more wait and rambling on my part here are some photos of our boy. Some of which you probably have seen if you follow us on social media.

Fresh out the oven.

Our brand new baby boy all wrapped up in the Pendleton Chief Joseph Layette set.

Devyn is so excited to be a big sister

Sebastian home in his crib enjoying his Pendleton Wild horse crib blanket.

Nap time at a week old
I took this photo during his one month check up. I love this Burts Bees outfit!
Typical social media fly fisherman pose on my 32nd birthday.
Sebastian getting some sun in the woods of Showlow AZ.

Halloween was a perfect excuse to break out this where the wild things are outfit. Thank you Whole Foods for letting us borrow your pumpkin display. haha

Family first. 
November means time to break out the blankets and of course its Pendleton.
Holding his head up like a champ since 3 weeks old.

Catching good size Rainbow trout on the fly with her baby on board. This women is the best.

Bas didn't even wake up to meet this Brook trout                                                                                  
All smiles from this little guy!