The Arizona Wild Trout Challenge- Day Three, Rainbow Trout

Anastasia Tenkara fishing the incredible tight stream for wild rainbow trout.

We ended Day Two with about a four-hour drive to the next destination. After setting up camp in the dark again, we finally got to relax and reflect on the day’s adventure. The next species on our list was the rainbow trout. I feel these fish don’t get much credit because they are so widespread and mostly hatchery fish that have been stocked. I have felt the same way about them in the past but decided to reach out to a friend for advice about a stream that is off the beaten path and not often talked about. I had read about this stream before but didn’t get the chance to scout it out before our trip. A new spot, with a time crunch and all of the other pressure of the trip, made me a little nervous, but we are pretty determined people, so we went for it. We slept in longer than expected, but after the long hike and elevation gains of the day before it only made sense to be tired. Anastasia made breakfast, while I got the car packed up, and then we drove a short distance to park and hike in to the creek.