The time has come to fly the coop..

 The start of a new chapter

Im not sure how accurate this temperature gauge is but after 110 who really cares it is just dang hot!

  After seeing 122 degrees on the temperature gauge in our car I thought it would be appropriate to write this post. Life has been very busy lately so this has been put off for a while even though I wanted to get it out with more notice. I have lived in Arizona since about 3rd grade, I was about 7 years old at the time. The last 25 years in the desert have had their ups and downs but lately I have been exploring what this state really has to offer and have developed a stronger love for AZ.

  Although I feel that way, I have been considering moving out of state for a couple years now and things just kind of fell right into place in the last few months. We have decided to make the move to Michigan where Anastasia's family is and we will be surrounded by water, green grass, trees and more fish then I could ever dream of. Both of us have careers lined up there that would allow us to provide a life fore our family that would be foolish to pass up. Our plan is to get out there and stay with Sashas's grandparents for a while while we look for a farm house to buy on 10 or more acres where we can have our horse Gunsmoke in a nice size pasture, grow a good amount of our own organic food, have a couple dairy cows and raise beef cattle. I'm sure the more acres we end up with the crazier the animal family will be but don't tell the wife that yet. If you know anything about us, I am sure this will be no surprise to you but the country life is where we want to raise our kids. Devyn will be traveling and living in Az on an 11 week schedule that rotates holidays every year. We will be leaving much sooner then we had planned but again this whole plan came together really quickly in the end so we will be heading out the end of June on the 21st. Please get in touch with us so we can see as many people as possible before we go! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I don't want to rant too much on here.

Arizona will always be somewhere we love and visit for more adventures. 

 We joke about being the youngest snow birds in history as we do plan to come back often for visits and many of my family members are still in AZ. Plus all of the good friends we want to see so we plan to come out a few times of year will be another goal.

3 of the 4 Coleman's at our good friends wedding.

 This opportunity allows us to provide a life that we have always wanted but we could not easily afford or have the same quality while living in Arizona. I hope to have some sort of get together to try and see everyone I can before we head off on our adventure across the USA with the whole crew. Smoke is traveling with a horse transportation company so we don't have him in tow but 2 kids, 2 large dogs, a loud cat, all of our stuff and 3 vehicles will make it interesting for sure.

Bas will be smiling even more once we escape the AZ summer heat.

Michigan friends and family! We will be out there the 23rd I believe and I'm sure some sort of welcome BBQ or fun time is in order. Get in touch with us and lets make good times happen!

My little nature lover will have a whole new world to explore free from cubical style block wall backyards. 

Arizona has been a home to me for a very long time. I have learned so much living here, met so many great people and have a lot of great memories. This is not good bye but more of a see you soon. Our house is pretty packed up, Smoke is leaving in a few days heading to a boarding facility near where we will be living and the days go by fast while we try to organize our lives to make the move but we still have some work a head of us to take that next big jump into the next chapter of our lives. 

Thank you for everything AZ!

Love, The Colemans

These trees and creeks will always be a favorite place, but I am excited to start exploring MI in search of wild trout. 

Watch out Michigan we are bringing the wild wild west with us.

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Well if you need a place to let the Pony out (or you could leave him with Karen Teague and I lol) stop by Oklahoma and we will have a nice time and you can relax ...I wish you and your beautiful wife and child the best in the north just he prepared for very very cold and frigid temps... you have my blessing