The Arizona Wild Trout Challenge; Day Five, The Final Day- Brook Trout

On the final day of our trip, we’d be fishing for my favorite wild species, the brook trout. Just a refresher: our goal was to catch all five species of the wild trout in Arizona. There is no time limit on the Arizona Wild Trout Challenge, but being competitive, I decided to make a five-day camping trip out of it. By the fifth day, we were all pretty tired from the long hikes and just being on the road with a newborn for so long. Sebastian is the happiest when in the woods, but today he was ready to be free from the Kelty baby carrier and play around on the ground. This made things a little slower for us, since making him happy comes first on our trips. Sebastian loves all the textures, smells, and sights of being outdoors, so we took some times to let him explore once arriving to the creek.

 I want to take the time to thank everyone who made this trip possible. First of all, thank you to Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis for seeing the potential in our dreams and giving us this platform to share our journey with the world. Thank you to everyone at Orvis, Poler Stuff, K2 Coolers, Off The Grid Surplus, Gatorwire, Kelty Brand, Boze Flyworks, Upslope Brewing Co., Tenkara Rod Co., Sawyer Products, Jared Deanda, Braven, Ricky Furbee, KC Badger, Paul Williams at Become Co. and anyone who supported our outdoor adventures. Thank you to Mike and everyone behind the Trout Challenge program at Arizona Game and Fish. Also a big thanks to all of you following our trips by reading these posts, social media likes, shares, and reposts. This is just the start for us and future trips will only get more exciting. Fly fishing has much to offer and we soon will be chasing natives across the western United States.